Aliym Tate

Voice Actor, Author, Spiritualist.

About me

I'm Aliym Tate, an vocal actor and author, based out of Staten Island, NY. I spent the last 7 years studying and perfecting my skills in voice acting, all the while writing my first spiritual thriller, Fear The Fourth Angel.

My interest sparked for voice over work, after being repeatedly told how majestic and commanding my voice was. Discounting the popular opinion for a while, I finally decided to give this new found talent a try.

I spent my days honing my vocal skills which allowed me to developed a wide variety of styles over the years.  I can provide voice over services for documentaries, video games, radio and television commercials, in store announcements, marketing on hold, websites and web ads, virtually every aspect of the voice-over industry. I have very deep and versatile voice, but dont take my word for it listen to my demos and be captivated.

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Tapping into another talent, in 2017, I completed my first spiritual thriller. Using my many years of spiritual and religious study. I embarked on a four year journey that turned out to be an extraordinary life lesson for me. FEAR THE 4TH ANGEL, is like nothing you have read before, you can order it here on amazon.


"Happiness is making your dreams come true."

-Jourdan Dunn

Fear The Fourth Angel

Here you can order a copy of my book.

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."

-Albert Einstien

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